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Home & Mortgage

Protect your mortgage

Outstanding debts can be passed to relatives if you were to die and unless you make provision to leave these relatives and family members some form of financial security; they could struggle to meet the requirement of the debts you have left behind if you have not made sufficient financial provisions. A life insurance policy avoids this risk by paying out a lump sum to cover these upon your death.

The biggest debt many of us have is our mortgage, you can tailor your protection policy specifically to pay off this and get it to decrease alongside your mortgage so that should you die before the end of the mortgage repayment term the policy lump sum will clear your mortgage debt. This is a very cost effective way of covering your life as this sort of insurance is often the cheapest.

Building and Content

Best Value Home Insurance. Relay on us to get it covered.

Home insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home, or replacing the things in it if they are damaged, lost or stolen. You can insure your buildings or the contents of your home – or both.

Life can throw you a curved ball sometimes, so you should never be in the frame of mind that….. It will never happen to me

What kind of cover do you need?

Home insurance is a term used to cover both contents insurance and buildings insurance. Policies that cover the possessions in your home come under the title of contents insurance.

Those that cover the building, including any outbuildings such as sheds are referred to as buildings insurance.

Buildings and contents insurance are often sold separately.

Although most home insurance is not legally required, many mortgage lenders will insist that you have buildings insurance.

What risk do you want to protect against?

Buildings insurance generally covers your home against risks including flood, fire and subsidence. Contents insurance will cover you against your property being stolen and some policies may cover you if something in your home is damaged by accident.

However, the policies vary greatly in detail and you need to check the exclusions – things the policy won’t cover – very carefully before you buy. Our adviser can help to find you the best option for building and cover insurance.

Do you know that:

bluetickMany people couldn’t tell you what they have covered – Insurance companies will only pay out a claim on the items covered in the policy.

bluetickHouse Insurance can provide the exact cover you need when you look at the detail and not just the premium.

bluetickYou shouldn’t wait to see if you have everything covered – check it now.